Leading alternative economic summer university returns to Vienna in 2022


An international summer university, which looks at ways of transforming economic policy through environmental awareness, is open for bookings:

The world-renowned Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) in Vienna, Austria, has operated on a digital platform following Covid-19 restrictions for the last two years.
The course attracted students and professionals from all over the world, resulting in a diverse range of 35 participants from 22 countries across ten different time zones in 2021.
In line with the traditional format for the programme, this year’s AEMS takes place from July 18 to August 5 and returns to Vienna.
Now in its 9th year, AEMS has continually kept up to date with the latest climate change academia and takes in from real-life examples such as solutions for the financial crisis triggered by Covid-19.
AEMS lecturers include climate expert Helga Kromp-Kolb and the founder of the Economy for the Common Good Christian Felber, who look at climate change from a holistic perspective and focus on the many possible solutions for these global problems, as well as looking at the economy and the financial sector from a wider perspective considering topics such as sovereign money and democratic banking.

Günther Jedliczka, CEO of OeAD student housing, which organises AEMS, said: “AEMS challenges old ways of thinking and opens up discussion and debate around alternative ideas in line with the progressive 21st century.

“Through a mix of workshops, debates and social activities, the programme challenges the norm and puts fresh ideas and perspectives under the radar.

“It attracts a broad audience including undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as people with interests and careers in politics, philosophy, economics and finance.

“The programme’s delivery online for the last two years has shown that a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, can collaborate efficiently to produce high-quality work, taking inspirations from each other’s environment.

“This will only be made easier by students being able to work together in person this year.”

OeAD student housing – part of Austria’s national agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research – operates AEMS under a not-for-profit arrangement.

Registration information and more details can be found at

The deadline for applications is 30 June 2022. The deadline to apply for scholarships is 2 May 2022.

As well as AEMS, OeAD student housing also runs the Green.Building.Solutions. (GBS) summer university which, like AEMS, will take place in 2022 in-person in Vienna, from July 16 to August 7. More at